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Haunted History Tours of Dunkeld

Dunkeld, PH8 0AN

Dunkeld Haunted History Tours

The Dunkeld Haunted History Tours follow the ancient art of Highland storytelling.

Produced by Gary and Lynne Knight of History and Horror Tours these tours are an excellent evening entertainment, ideal for couples, groups and families. Children 8 years and over are welcome (see full details about suitability). Tours must be booked in advance see below.

The costumed guides exploring Dunkeld history with you, as you walk the streets and alleyways of this ancient town. During the Dunkeld Haunted History Tours you will hear stories about Jacobite Battles, Witchcraft, Military Mutiny and legends. There are a couple of good ghost stories thrown in too. All the stories are from the Dunkeld and surrounding Atholl area.

Let your imagination come alive as the costumed guides take you on your haunted tour, recounting the tales of Jacobites, witches, military mutiny, ghosts and legends. A sinister figure lurking in the shadows, a scream piercing the still, calm night in Dunkeld is nothing to worry about. Gary and Lynne Knight from History and Horror Tours have you in their care.

Dunkeld History

The beautiful compact town of Dunkeld. is full of history, stories and ghosts from the past. The town is located where the highlands meets the lowlands on the highland fault line beside the River Tay. Dunkeld History starts in the 6th century when the followers of St Columbus established a monastery here, later a cathedral in the mid-13th century. The all-powerful Dukes and Earls of Atholl had a home here too. At the end of the 17th century the town was destroyed in the Battle of Dunkeld, when the Jacobites were defeated by a small force of lowland ‘Cameronians’ troops.

How to get the most from the Dunkeld Haunted History Tours

  • Tours MUST be booked in advance.
  • Your do not have to bring a printed ticket, a digital version on your mobile device is fine.
  • The tours are about 1hr 30mins long.
  • Clothing - Tours run in all weathers and are partially outdoors, so wear sensible footwear and clothing.
  • Children - Under 16yrs must be accompanied by an adult. We recommend 8yrs+ but you always know your children better than anyone else. Some 11yr olds may hide behind the sofa during Dr Who, while a 7yr old will laugh in the face of a Dalek!
  • Private Haunted Tours – You can book a private tour see contact details below.
  • Under the influence of alcohol - Please note; we want you to enjoy your night, but if any group or individual seems under the influence of alcohol and/or is disruptive they will be asked to leave the tour.

How to book a Dunkeld Haunted History Tours?

  • Tours must be booked in advance.

What can I bring on a tour?

  • Guests are welcome to bring their own torches but please turn them off during the stories - it's more atmospheric!
  • They are happy for photographs to be taken throughout the event but please refrain during the Dunkeld History stories as it can be quite distracting.
  • If you do wish to use any type of recording equipment (audio or video) please switch them off during each story.
  • It is ok for the name on your ticket not to match the person who attends. They will happily welcome somebody else in your place.

What about their Perth and Comrie Haunted History Tours

The Perth Tours (Friday at 8pm) are 15 miles from Dunkeld (30 mins drive).

Comrie Haunted Tours (Wednesdays at 8pm) at Comrie in Cultybraggan, Second World War Prisoner of War Camp which is about 45mins from Dunkeld.