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Explorer’s Garden – Message from the Team

Date: 12 October 2022

Unfortunately, the Explorer’s Garden is now closed for the season. After a recent inspection, it has been established that restoration work is required on our paths to keep our visitors safe.

We will also be working to regenerate the gardens throughout winter but we hope to reopen them in the spring.

If you are a member of the RHS please visit Box Office in the main Theatre building and ask for Caroline or Mike, one of us would be more than happy to talk you through the plans and have a chat about the exciting future we have ahead.

We look forward to welcoming you back next year.

Caroline - Garden and Landscape Manager

The Scottish Plant Hunters / Explorer's Garden Pitlochry

Known as the Scottish Plant Hunters Garden, or the Explorer's Garden. It commemorates the Scots who travelled the world looking for new species of plants.

Over 200 years they brought back plants that play such a huge part in our gardens today. This Garden was conceived and builtin conjunction with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Scottish Plant Hunters such as:-

Archibald Menzies, from Weem by Aberfeldy, the first European to gather Giant Red Redwood in America and Monkey Puzzle nuts from Chile.
David Douglas who started gardening at Scone Palace, by Perth, collected plants and animals from North America including the Douglas Fir.
Francis Masson who spent his time in South Africa. Tenerife, the Azores, the West Indies and Canada. He survived (and some who did not) sieges, shipwrecks, and slavery. He battled against pirates and hostile natives to source specimen plants from around the world to bring back to Britain.

The Scottish Plant Hunters Garden or Explorers Garden

The Garden covers six acres of Woodland on the slope behind the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. It is divided into different areas of the world. Information boards tells the story of each Plant Hunters and the original specimens they collected.

Along the way you will see some garden art, and wonderful architecture. Unusual plants and if you are lucky, you might see some red squirrels and lots of birds.

Access to the Explorers Garden is from the car park of the Pitlochry Festival Theatre. Garden tours are available; there are also plants, seeds, and Squirrel food for sale.

The Scottish Plan Collectors or Explorers Garden is open from 1st April to last Sunday in October, daily from 10am to 4.30pm.