Best time to visit Scotland

The best time to Visit Scotland

When is the best time of year to visit Scotland?

Autumn is a good time to visit Pitlochry There are two key points to consider when choosing the best time to visit Scotland:-

1 What events would you like to see?

Highland Games run each weekend and mid week from the end of May to mid September. Here is a link to the Scottish Highland Games Associations year long calendar 

In May Europe's only legal private army, the Atholl Highlander Parade at Blair Castle. In October Britain's largest autumn light show in the woods, the Enchanted Forest. Have a look at our events page make sure you scroll to the bottom of the page.

In August there is the ever popular Edinburgh Tattoo …….

2 What is best time of the year to visit Scotland? The following may help you:-

Daylight hours – the sunshines an awful long time during the summer months. May, June has over 17 hours of daylight (sunrise 04:55 - sunset 22:11hrs), July and August has 14 hours of daylight (sun rise 06.30 - sunset 20.21hrs) are the months with maximum daylight. December sunrise is 9am and sunset is 4pm - 7 hours of daylight.

What does each month offer?

Cherry blossom in May

March is when the first visitors arrive. The vegetation has no leaves, the days are cold, but the days are lengthening.

April is the month you really feel summer is on the way. Towards the middle of the month, some of the bushes start to turn green. Brighter daylight hours. The early morning birds songs are wonderful, as this is when the birds are pairing up and breading.

May is when all the leaves appear back on the vegetation, how early this is, depends on how hard the winter has been. The countryside is arguably at its best, at the end of the month. The lovely fresh green of new folliage. The dawn chorus, when all the birds call and attract mates for this year's breading is also special. How ever it's also has a number of local public holiday weekends, which can make accommodation choice limited unless you book well ahead.

June is a wonderful month, the days are, long. The longest day is the 22nd of June (sun rise 4.30am. sunset 10.30am). This a wonderful month to tour. The local Scottish school holiday do not start until the end of the month. This means accommodation competition is reduced.

Summer is the best time to visit Scotland PitlochryJuly is when the local Scottish schools are on holiday, to be joined later in the month by the English and Welsh schools. This means accommodation is harder to find, and commands premium prices.

July and August are the peak tourist months.

September sees all the schools back, the business holidays are past. It is still a good time to holiday. The year's last Highland games takes place in the second weekend of the month in Pitlochry. These are always very popular. Accommodation is more readily availability, except for the games weekend when rooms sell out.

October is when the autumn colours are at their best. The end of the tourist season. The best month to see the salmon run up the rivers to sporn. The red deer are rutting. The last hurrah before winter, the tourists disappear.

No matter the time of year, everyone's opinion for the best time to Scotland differs.