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Scottish Crannog Centre

Kenmore, PH15 2HY

Scottish Crannog Centre, a 5 star officially accredited museum

The Scottish Crannog Centre is an authentic reconstruction of an Iron Age loch-dwelling.

It was built by the Scottish Trust for Underwater Archaeology, based on years of diving and excavation of an ancient crannog in the waters of Loch Tay, on the opposite shore of the Scottish Crannog Centre's location today.

20th Anniversary Celebrations You Tube of the Scottish Crannog Centre 22nd June 2017.

The Scottish Crannog Centre has much to offer; it takes young and old (children will love it too), back to what it must have been like to live in one of the loch dwellings. The Crannog centre staff are excellent, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable when they take you on your tour. They really paint a picture through good stories and actual hands on experiences.

Why not take your picnic and make a day of it?

Why not take your picnic and make a day of it?

Perthshire is home to more than 40 ancient loch-dwellings, or crannogs, found across Scotland and Ireland and dating from the early Iron Age some 2,500 years ago. Highland Perthshire has more than 18 crannogs in Loch Tay alone, built to take advantage of good lowland farmland and access to trading networks via the River Tay. The Scottish Crannog Centre's crannog was built as a result of excavating one of these old crannog sites as an archaeological experiment designed to rediscover ancient technology. Hand-driving timber piles into the loch bed would have been quite an engineering feat in the Iron Age!

Who owned these enigmatic homes? Underwater archaeological evidence shows that Tayside's loch-dwellers were sophisticated farmers and traders who lived on the loch in peace for several generations. You will see a lot of this evidence at the Scottish Crannog Centre.

Whether crannogs were built as status symbols or defensive homesteads or both, the answers lie underwater and in the islands which have grown up around their ancient remains. The Scottish Crannog Centre gives you a unique opportunity to go back in time and see for yourself how they lived.

The Scottish Crannog Centre has guided tours, exhibits, hands-on ancient crafts and activities. There is a gift shop, picnic area and light refreshments.

*Well behaved dogs are welcome.

*Groups of more than 12 are welcome but we request that you kindly book visits in advance, this ensures your preferred time and date is available. The Crannog is keen to know if your group has any special interests, so as to allocate the right guide for that group. Seating is limited in the Crannog Roundhouse and larger groups may have to be divided with tours running simultaneously.

Well behaved dogs are welcome. Groups of more than 12 are welcome but we request that you kindly book visits in advance.