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Kinloch Rannoch

The drive to Tummel and Rannoch passes Queens View with spectacular views of Loch Tummel before reaching the village of Tummel. Tummel has a hydro electric power station and a simple arched Wade's Bridge. The drive to Kinloch Rannoch is best enjoyed with a circular drive around Loch Rannoch.

The real beauty of this area, a short drive from Pitlochry, is its remoteness and isolation, you are far from large crowds, yet in magnificent highland scenery, hills, and lochs, you will find this hard to beat.

Tummel Bridge is 10 miles from Pitlochry and Kinloch Rannoch a further 10 miles beyond. Rannoch Station which is on the most westerly point you can get to, is 16 miles beyond Kinloch Rannoch Village.

The drive from Pitlochry is well worth doing as you pass (we suggest you stop at) Queens View, one of the most magnificent views in Scotland.

Continue your journey via Tummel Bridge out to Kinloch Rannoch (there will be several places you will more than likely like to stop and take in the scenery).

At Kinloch Rannoch there are several things you can do, which includes a drive around Loch Rannoch, roughly 10 miles in length. You might enjoy stopping on the Clan Trail, a series of markers around Loch Rannoch will highlight information plaques that explain what happened at each stop, in times past.

A drive out to Rannoch Station, gives you an idea of how dramatically isolated this station on the West Highland Line is. From Rannoch Station you can see the hills of Glencoe to the west. At the far end of the station platform, is the sculptured head of Mr Renton, made by the workers of the West Highland line in 1893, after he had saved the company from bankruptcy. The near bankruptcy was because of the extra costs incurred as a result of unforeseen difficulties of building a railway across Rannoch Moor and all its peat bogs.


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