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Tips for Driving in Scotland

We are regularly meet people who ask for our driving Scotland tips. Some of the Scotlands roads are narrow, which does cause anxiety for drivers who have not driven here before. So, we have put together this page aimed at driving in Scotland the main points we have been asked.

Driving Scotland Tips A9 north of Pitlochry

Scotland’s roads are the same as the rest of the UK. The highway Code Scotland is the same as the rest of the UK.

The speed limit in Scotland is the same as the UK. For cars, towns & built-up areas are generally 30mph or 48.3 Km per hour. Some towns and villages have a 20mph or 32Km per hour special limit. The 'national speed limit' means a limit of 60mph or 95Km per hour on single carriageway roads and 70mph or 110km per hour on dual carriageways and motorways.

How hard is it to drive in Scotland?

The main roads are no different to the rest of the UK. It is the smaller country roads of Scotland that can be more challenging, out tips for driving in Scotland are:

• Always drive at speeds within the speed limits that you feel comfortable with. Do NOT try to drive fast. Enjoy the scenery, with frequent stops for the views.

• Always use your mirrors so you know what is going on behind you. If there is a vehicle close behind, they probably are hoping to pass you.

• Always allow faster vehicles to pass you safely, by either dropping your speed when you come to s straight stretch of road, so they can quickly and safely pass you, or by pulling into a layby and allow faster traffic past. Remember that locals know the road and may drive faster than visitors who do not know them.

• When you come up to a vehicle driving slower than you, drive close if you wish to overtake. If you do NOT want to overtake, leave a good space between yourselves and the vehicle so other road users can overtake you safely.

• Remember driving in Scotland should be enjoyable. So take your time and enjoy the scenery.

Highway Code Scotland

The Highway Code Scotland is the same as the whole of the UK. The UK Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales. If you have never driven in Scotland and the UK before recommending you become familiar with the driving laws in Scotland.

Driving in Scotland

We drive the narrow road from the Pass of Killiecrankie to the much-visited Queens View. One of Scotland most scenic views. You will experience the local Scottish driver's road protocol. The video shows examples of good and bad practice. Including our tips on how to have an enjoyable experience driving around Pitlochry and Highland Scotland. Driving in Scotland is good fun, so long as you know what to expect and allow faster vehicles past you safely. Hope this helps you have a great holiday.