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Falls of Acharn Walk

Known locally as a very special walk, the falls are spectacular when in spate.

The Falls of Archarn walk has some really fabulous views of the falls. Most importantly great views over the village of Acharn and Loch Tay. It is a circular walk starting with a steep climb along a rough earth farm road.

It is a short drive from the Scottish Crannog Centre on the south of Loch Tay Road, just outside the village of Kenmore.

The falls are viewed through the Victorian Hermit's Cave and are quite beautiful, especially after heavy rainfall - they are quite spectacular.

Walk Details:

The walk is only 2km/1.25miles in length. Allow at least 60 mins if you are relatively fit.

Care is necessary near the edges of the gorge. If you can make sure you take a torch. A torch is useful when you get to the Hermits Cave.

The Falls of Archarn Walk

From Kenmore, drive through the the village of Acharn. Just after you crossing the bridge over the burn, you will see the sign for the Falls of Archarn. Park your car or cycles in the village of Acharn, by the signpost "Falls of Acharn, Circular Walk"

The walk starts with a steep climb past a few houses, on a farm track. Climb up the side of the glen above the village. Make sure you stop and look back over Loch Tay, because the views behind you are spectacular. It is quite steep, but well worth the effort.

The Hermit's Cave and Lower Falls

You will come to a sign saying "Hermit's Cave" follow the short path and enter the cave. You have to pass through the cave to get to the viewing platform.

The 'Hermits Cave' was constructed by the Victorians, as a kind of folly.

It is quite dark inside the cave (a torch is always handy). The passage ways are designed in a 'T'. The central leg of the T leads out onto the lower falls viewing platform. The Lower Falls has by far the largest 'drop' of the falls, you will see on this walk.

The Upper Falls

Continue your walk after the Hermit's cave along the road and you will come to another sign saying "Viewing The upper falls viewing Platform" and "Upper Bridge".

Go to the viewing platform. The upper falls have a superb timber walkway. It was constructed by the Officers and men of the 202 Field Squadron RE (V) in June 1989.

We can see why the locals say this is a very special walk. During heavy rains, when the burn is in spate, the falls are awesome.

After the Upper Falls

Continue up the path, a short distance from the viewing platform, you reach the upper bridge. The bridge is the road bridge for the local farmer's vehicles.

Cross over the bridge and make your way down hill the opposite side of the glen, back to Acharn village. The path on this side of the walk is fairly rough in places so be careful.

This is a great walk anytime of the year, but at its best done after there has been some heavy rain. You will see the Falls of Archarn in their full glory.