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Pitlochry Putting Green

Pitlochry Putting Green - 18 holes graded in order of difficulty

Pitlochry Putting Green is an 18 hole putting course where the holes are graded in order of difficulty, most of the course is 2 for par, but there are a number of more difficult holes due to their length or location next to natural obstacles and undulations.

Ideal for all the family, it is inexpensive to play and located right in the centre of Pitlochry, (Rie- Achan Road, Pitlochry is on the way to the dam and fish ladder). Ideal for golfers and non golfers, while it is a good fun form of golf that allows the children to start golf.

It hosts a number of putting competitions throughout the summer, where the whole family can get involved.

Pitlochry Putting Green is open 7 days April to October.