Pitlochry Restaurants

The wide choice of Pitlochry restaurants

One thing that the Pitlochry area is not short of is good restaurants. You will find a restaurant that caters for your requirements, whether price or style of food.

Reservations - We recommend that you reserve a table, it is especially important during the busy part of the tourist season and busy weekends. Especially when there are major events in the area attracting thousands of people. The Blair Castle Horse Trials, the Enchanted Forest, the various Highland Games across the area all lead to high demand on the restaurants and cafes.

The are a couple of bars and restaurants that do not take reservations, they operate on a first come first served basis.

How to choose a Pitlochry Restaurant?

We have divided the Pitlochry Restaurants in to five distinct categories. Two categories for Pitlochry and a category for each of the major areas outside the town.

We suggest you decide where you want to eat and and click through to the detailed page of information

""About the Pitlochry Restaurants

We have visited all the restaurant the Highland Perthshire Restaurants. We have created short videos of many of them, so as to help you choose the right one for you. Competition is fierce and the culinary standards are high. You can eat in or take away your meal.

 The choice ranges from traditional pubs, to modern bars with all the latest sports programs. There are a number of venues that regularly have live music too.

Allergies - Many restaurants cater for allergies, we recommend contacting them ahead of your visit and letting them know what you are alergic to .

Children's Meals - Many will have special children's menus, some offer very good deals when eating with adults.