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Highland Bridge Swing

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Highland Bridge Swing

The Highland Bridge Swing is an expensive bit of kit, installed under the Garry Bridge two miles outside Pitlochry. A swing from a bridge 40 metres up, the first in Scotland.

Remember as a child you used to swing on a rope under a tree. This is the same, only much bigger. You will find everything extremely professional and safe. Everyone acknowledges how friendly and reassuring the staff are – they know what they are doing. From the moment you are in your harness it's clear the level of safety that's in place, after all that is exactly what you are paying for.

Who can go on the Highland Swing?

You can be as young as 10 years old and old as 110 years young (over 65’s require a letter from a doctor). A full body harness is fitted to keep you safe. Then you jump in a van to transports you, a short distance to the swing site. After climbing up in to the bridge structure you arrive at the launch point.

Once at the launch point you are attached to the quick release mechanism. The first part of the swing is a drop of 15 metres, before the rope takes up the slack. You are upright in the swing the whole time with fantastic views of the Pass of Killiecrankie.

Eventually you swing to a halt under the bridge. A winch pulls you back the Highland Swing team, under the bridge. It is all very safe giving you an unforgettable experience.

Points to remember when planning to do the highland bridge swing:-

You need to pre-book, allowing an hour for the whole experience. Make sure you wear sensible outdoor clothing and footwear. Spectators are welcome. Park your car at the National Trust of Scotland Killiecrankie Visitor Centre.