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Pitlochry Bungee Jump

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Pitlochry Bungee Jump

The Pitlochry Bungee Jump is the UK’s first static bungee jump. Jumping from a specially constructed bungee jump platform suspended under the Garry Bridge, 40 metres (132feet) above the River Garry. There are spectacular views up the historic Pass of Killiecrankie.

The Pilochry Bungee Jump video (below) lets you see what happens from start to finish when to choose a bungee jump:-

The whole Pitlochry Bungee Jump experience takes about an hour. From booking in, to being transported to the bridge and bungee platform.

A waist Harnesses that suits waists from 40cm (15.7 inches) to 125cm (49.2 inches), is fitted. The minimum age limit is 14 years old, over 65’s require a letter from their doctor. The maximum weight limit is 150kg or 23.6 stone. Always wear sensible clothing and footwear. Spectators are welcome.

Origins of Bungee jumping

The bungee jumping tradition first appeared on the Pentecost Island in the South Pacific. The Pentecost Island is east of Australia, between Fiji and the Soloman Islands.

Before climbing up a 28 metre tower, every man has ritual bath, followed by a speech. Then jumping head first to proof his manhood. The tradition has been retained to this today and is now a touristic attraction on the island.

The western world first heard of bungee jumping in 1955, in an article written in National Geographic magazine. It was on the 1st of April 1979 that the first bungee jump recorded away from the Pentecost Island took place. Members of Oxford Dangerous Sport Club, illegally jumped from the 80-metre high Bristol Clifton Suspension Bridge in England.

In 1989 a New Zealander adventurer A.J. Hackett started the very first commercial bungee site in Queenstown, New Zealand. Today over a million people have jumped on his worldwide bungee sites.

To book your jump or Book your Swing. Once booked you head to the National Trust of Scotland Killiecrankie Visitor Centre. The Highland Fling Bungee team will be ready to welcome you.

The Pitlochry Bungee Jump is 3 miles from Pitlochry, its departure point with ample car parking is at the National Trust of Scotland Killiecrankie Visitor Centre.

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