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What are your Pitlochry Supermarket choices?

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There are a limited choice of Pitlochry supermarkets, which is due to the town size, what are your Pitlochry Supermarket choices?

In Pitlochry, Coop is the only reasonable sized grocery store. It equates to a convenience store in the larger towns and cities in the UK. With the high costs that one is accustomed to pay in a convenience store. Open every day all year round from 6am to 11pm.

The Pitlochry Coop costs equate to some of the most expensive you will pay anywhere in Britain. It is one of the Coop's most profitable stores in the country. If you are organised, you can make very significant savings on your bulk groceries, by purchasing elsewhere.

A little further afield in Perth – 27 mile / 25 minute drive from Pitlochry – you will find an ASDA, Tesco, Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl and M&S Food.

If you do not know Perth, Aldi is one of the easiest supermarkets to get to, it is right at the Inveralmond Roundabout, just as you get to Perth from Pitlochry and is open from 8am to 10pm (Sundays 9am to 8pm) – the M&S Food is right next door to it, giving you the best of both worlds, and is open from 8am to 8pm (Sundays 9am to 7pm) .

ASDA & Tesco both offer home delivery to Pitlochry, which is ideal for getting a big shop delivered to a holiday cottage etc. The only word of advice would be to book a delivery slot well in advance – s they do sell out quite often.

Tesco Extra on Crieff Road, Perth PH1 2NR. Is the only big supermarket in the area that is open 24 hours.

There is also a Co-op store in Aberfeldy, open from 7am to 10pm.

The next supermarkets north of Pitlochry are in Aviemore, which is 57 miles drive / around an hour away. Ideal if you are going to Aviemore for a day out or are heading south along the A9 back to Pitlochry.

Tesco Metro Supermarket, Grampian Rd, Aviemore PH22 1RH

ALDI Discount Supermarket, Unit 3 Santa Claus Drive, Aviemore PH22 1AF

So whatever type of supermarket you are looking for, you have a good choice in the Perthshire Area.