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Perthshire beavers are established and you can get close. They are European beavers and an ideal spot is close to a beaver lodge. It is an amazing experience watching a family of beavers.

We went on a evening Beaver Safari with experienced wildlife guide Daniele. Daniele has some twenty years of experience as a Ranger and Wildlife Guide. So far, she has had a 100% success in spotting the beavers over the past few years.

Daniele decided to set up as Perthshire Wildlife so she can share her wildlife knowledge. We learnt and saw first hand the ecology of the beavers, a native mammals. We learnt how they have returned to Scotland and why they are so good for our countryside. Daniele's style we would describe is relaxed and informative, not over burdening you with information, making it very enjoyable.

Daniele showed us some of the beaver food, which we tried for ourselves. Something we would never have done on our own.

Beaver Canoe Safaris

If you fancy getting close to the Perthshire beavers we have no hesitation in recommending Daniele of Perthshire Wildlife. In addition to a walking beaver safari, she has teamed up with a local canoeing company to run Beaver Canoe Safaris on the River Tay.

You can now canoe close to a beaver lodge, see their tracks and signs and hopefully spot the beavers themselves!

Perthshire Wildlife can help you experience the amazing wildlife and countryside around Perthshire, and with , you’ll be in the best possible hands.

Guided Perthshire Walks

There are so many beautiful walks around Pitlochry that it can be tricky to decide which one to do first. With a local guide, you can discover the history of the area and the best spots to see the amazing wildlife that lives there.

Daniele from Perthshire Wildlife can guide you around the Pitlochry and Dunkeld & Birnam path networks, lead a tour along the River Tummel and its Fish Ladder. You will learn all about the fascinating life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon, help you spot Red squirrels. She will tell the tales of the tall trees that make Perthshire ‘Big Tree Country’ and fill you in on the daring Perthshire Plant Hunters. The plant collectors who collected hundreds of species from around the world and brought them back to Scotland.

Daniele leads wildlife tours of Perthshire to tick off Perthshire’s Big Five – Red deer, Red grouse, Red squirrel, Osprey (in summer) and even the European beaver!

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