Herd of Sporrans, Sporran Shop

The Herd of Sporrans, Sporrans Shop

Herd of Sporrans, Sporran Shop

Scottish bonnets

Herd of Sporrans, Scotland’s Sporran Shop is where the sporrans are made by the proprietor himself, always with the finest of leather. These sporrans are works of art in their own right, which will be retained by families for generations to come.

What sets this Sporran Shop apart from all the other shops, is the quality of the goods on offer and the wealth of knowledge of the proprietor. Not only does he know all about sporrans and making them, his knowledge of leather goods and Scotland in general is particularly impressive.

“It is people like him that make a trip to Scotland so enjoyable,” says a lady from Holland.

Herd of Sporrans is an independent British manufacturer and retailer where all the leather goods are handmade. The goods they stock are carefully chosen using the proprietor’s knowledge and expertise. Everything is British and handmade.

You just have to step inside to see and feel the quality.


Some of the leather handmade sporrans at the Sporran Shop

All the Sporrans and Belts are to the Herd of Sporran’s own design and are handmade by the proprietor, many are specifically made to order.

The unique range of pure leather sporrans at the Sporran Shop are all named after Scottish Lochs that inspired their creation.

“The Sporran I received far exceeded my expectations; the quality of the leather and the finishing is of the highest standards.” And “A fantastic little shop. The owners go above and beyond when it comes to pleasing their customers.”

Bespoke Highland Outfit Service.

Quality leather bootsAs mentioned, the proprietor’s knowledge of all things highland is immense. The bespoke highland outfit service includes his pure leather Sporrans, Kilts, Belts, Sgian Dubh (see translation below), a choice of either a Scottish Bonnet or a Glengarry and bench made Boots and Shoes.

Kilts are Strome 16oz Heavy Weight Tartan with Herd of Sporrans Straps and Buckles. The Strome™ range of tartans includes 580 authentic tartans produced in a heavy weight 16oz worsted wool. Considered by many as the best kilt material you can buy anywhere.

Highland Braemar Brogues in any colour as long as it is Black. (Military Highland Brogues). Also Sanders Black, Tan and Brown Brogues.

If you are after that true Scottish Bonnet, they have the world famous Robert Mackie Bonnets Est 1845.

Herd of Sporrans, bespoke highland outfit service is truly impressive, made so, not just by the quality of the goods but by the proprietor’s own immense knowledge and attention to detail.

What is a Sgian Dubh and its highland tradition?

Sgian Dubhs or dark highland knives

From Scottish Gaelic, Sgian ('knife') and Dubh ('black' or ‘dark’). The 'Dubh' does not refer to the colour of the knife as many people today believe. The 'Dubh' referred to the fact the knife was a hidden knife, hidden on the body within the owners own clothes or garments.

Highland tradition was that the hidden knife was removed, when going in to a premises, to signify you were entering in friendship. The highlander would placed his Sgian Dubh in his leggings or socks, where it could be seen. This is how it is worn in highland outfits across the world today, with many people not understanding the tradition.

Handmade leather goods and gifts.

Leather hand bagsHandmade ladies and gents, bags, purses, wallets, Scottish bonnets to leather, tweed, and a range of tartan gifts which includes a tartan rose to antler and horn gifts, drinking vessels quaich in horn and pewter, a range of handcrafted pocket knives.

Ladies handcrafted leather and tweed bags, purses, hand knitted hat`s, back packs, tartan brooches, flowers and Scottish gifts.

Herd of Sporrans, ships goods all over the world.

You do not need to visit Herd of Sporrans Sporran Shop to make a purchase. They ship their orders all over the world including France, America, Alaska, Australia ….

Located in the highland town of Aberfeldy, home to Clan Menzies and their castle. The place where the famous Scottish Regiment, the Black Watch was first mustered.
23 Dunkeld Street, Aberfeldy. PH15 2AA
Opening Times:- Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm
Tel: 01887822886 or 07903114373