Blair Atholl Shops

Blair Atholl Shops - House of BruarBlair Atholl Shops include one of the best known shops in the whole of the UK, the House of Bruar. There are two grocery stores, one of which stays open late into the evening. There is a small gift shop at the once Bowling Green and latterly the old petrol station beside Blair Atholl Railway Station.

There is an opportunity for more Blair Atholl Shops at the Gateway Centre in Blair Atholl.

The information hub was created as a result of a 10 year project to create a focal point within the village around the Atholl Country Life Museum and Atholl Estates Rangers building. This project identified the opportunity for four more Blair Atholl Shops. This opportunity still exists, for anyone interested can apply to Atholl Estates for a prospectus.

The contact details for the Blair Atholl Shops:-

Atholl Grocery Stores The Square, Blair Atholl, PH18 5TQ 01796 481 209
Tilt Grocery Store Bridge of Tilt, Blair Atholl, PH18 5SX 01796 481 206
House of Bruar Bruar, By Blair Atholl, PH18 5TW 01796 483236
Heart of Atholl Blair Atholl, By Pitlochry, Perthshire PH18 5SG 01796 481530