Jeremy Law of Dunkeld

Jeremy Law of Scotland's shop in Dunkeld

Jeremy Law of Dunkeld

Mocassin slippers at Jeremy Law of DunkeldJeremy Law of Dunkeld has been located in the historic cathedral town of Dunkeld for over 20 years ago. A small family business offering the highest standards of quality and personal service.

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The shop has a popular range of Deerskin moccasin, slippers shoes and gloves on offer. Also leather jackets for men and women, plus a wide range of Malt Whisky brands.

The Jeremy Law of Dunkeld deerskin moccasins have weather proofing treatment, which if renewed periodically will safe guard the mocassin. The leather sole with rubber dimples and hard wearing rubber heel provide extra durability. Half sizes are available in both Gents and Ladies styles.

Moccasin History - A moccasin is a shoe, chiefly intended for outdoor use, historically worn by the indigenous people of North America. Sometimes worn inside. Later the European hunters, traders, and settlers wore them too. Made of deerskin or other soft leather, with the sole and sides made of one piece of leather. The sole is soft and flexible and the upper part often is adorned with embroidery or beading.

Some of the leather goods at Jeremy Law of DunkeldComfort and durability, of the traditional gentleman’s Deerskin slippers handmade in Britain make them a popular choice. The uppers and soles are cut from suede deerskin, before being lined with toning calf leather.

The popular Jeremy of Law hand stitched deerskin gloves made in soft rich tan deerskin or a black deerskin, sell all year. The gloves have a choice of either cashmere or silk for their lining.