Your Pitlochry Supermarket Choices

Pitlochry Supermarket entrance

Which Pitlochry Supermarket?

There are a limited choice of Pitlochry supermarkets, which is due to the town size. Pitlochry has a residential population of just 2,700 people. This increases during the tourist season to more than double this number.

So what are your Pitlochry Supermarket choices?

Coop Pitlochry1. The Pitlochry Coop is the only reasonable sized grocery store in Pitlochry. It equates to a convenience store in the larger towns and cities in the UK. With the high costs that one is accustomed to pay in a convenience store. Open every day all year round from 6am to 11pm

What does this mean? The Pitlochry Coop costs equate to some of the most expensive you will pay anywhere in Britain. It is one of the Coop's most profitable stores in the country. If you are organised, you can make very significant savings on your bulk groceries, by purchasing elsewhere. See below.

Tesco near Pitlochry2. Pitlochry Tesco - This is a home delivery service, giving you big city prices in Pitlochry. Ideal for bulk purchase of groceries. These prices are very advantageous. Large saving can be made when compared to the Pitlochry Coop (above). But, you will need to be organised and order on line. Book your delivery slot at least two days in advance. Here is the link to your Tesco Pitlochry home delivery.

3. Pitlochry Asda - This is another of the big supermarkets that makes deliveries in the  area. We do not have first hand experience of this, but certainly see their delivery vans in the area. Here is the link to your Asda home delivery.

To the south are the Perth Supermarkets.

These supermarkets near Pitlochry are in Perth. Perth is 27 miles by road (45mins travel each way), or rail (30 mins each way).

Pitlochry SupermarketTesco Extra, Crieff Road, Perth PH1 2NR. It is open 24 hours. 0345 677 9532
If you do not know Perth, it is one of the easiest supermarkets to get too. Stay on the A9 as it bypasses Perth. Look for the junction sign posted for Crieff and St Johnstone Football ground. It is located very close to the A9.

Marks & Spencer, Inveralmond Industrial Estate, Highland Gateway, Ruthvenfield Rd, Perth PH1 3EE · 01738 625120 Opens 8am closes 8pm.
Another very accessible supermarket, as it is located right next to the A9. Follow signs to Inveralmond Industrial estate and it is the first turn on the left as you go on the estate. It is right next to the Aldi discount, see details below.

ALDI Discount Supermarket, Ruthvenfield Rd, Perth PH1 3EE 0800 042 0800 Open 8am ⋅ Closes 10PM (Sundays 9am to 8pm)
Right next door to M&S store above, giving you the best of both worlds. The really good prices and a store next door to get those few items not in Aldis.

Other Perth Supermarkets - in addition to the supermarkets listed above Perth has all the big name supermarkets, Asda, Liddle, Morrisons.

To the north the supermarkets near Pitlochry are in Aviemore:-

Pitlochry Supermarket

We have had had some accounts of very good prices in Aviemore from these two supermarkets. It is 57 miles road (1 hour 10mins) or 52mins by train.  Ideal if you are going to Aviemore for a day out or are heading south along the A9.

  • Tesco Metro Supermarket, Grampian Rd, Aviemore PH22 1RH 0345 677 9017
  • ALDI Discount Supermarket, Unit 3 Santa Claus Drive, Aviemore PH22 1AF 0800 042 0800

You have a good choice, if you are looking for a Pitlochry Supermarket.