Things To Do in Pitlochry

Here you will find all the Pitlochry things to do in and around Pitlochry.

We are locals who have worked in tourism for over 20 years. This is our list of things to do in and around Pitlochry.

We have detailed all the activities that are a short drive from Pitlochry. Our suggested day trips to other well known parts of Scotland from Pitlochry.

A weeks stay is often not long enough, many visitors come back to the area time and again, always discovering something new..

Careful Planning

The area offers a lot of choice, if you are on a limited time visit, we recommend careful holiday planning to get the most from your holiday. These pages will help you make those vital decisions.

We have grouped the various choices under headings to help.

A  quick overview of the Pitlochry Things to do:-

You have a choice of two Castles, three distilleries, three golf Courses, nine of the best walks. Four top Gardens, canoeing, sailing, a bridge swing, bungee jump, quad biking and annual Events.

We have also added links to videos we have created to provide you with additional information.

Our twelve page Pitlochry guide with maps highlights all the things to see and do near Pitlochry. You can obtain printed copies of the guide from your accommodation provider.

Many people still prefer printed information has been produced to help visitors to Pitlochry make informed choices. So it contains maps of towns and the surrounding area. The maps are marked with information that is linked to text, so you can learn what is on offer. As well as Pitlochry, the guide includes nearby town of Dunkeld, Aberfeldy, Blair Atholl, Kenmore, and Kinloch Rannoch.

Car Journeys

Because the roads in the Pitlochry area are very different to those that many of you will have experienced else where, we have included a number of car journeys videos. If you feel uncomfortable with driving on our narrow roads, there are a number of Pitlochry car tour guides who are extremely knowledgeable and will take and tell you about all the things to do.