Hermitage Dunkeld

The Hermitage by Dunkeld - officially known as 'The Hermitage pleasure ground'.

 John Murray the third Duke of Atholl made this fabulous woodland along with Ossian's Hall in 1757, as a walk for his guests to enjoy as they went to view Ossian's Hall and the falls of the River Braan. Today it is known as the Hermitage at Dunkeld and is managed by the National Trust of Scotland. There are beautiful woodland walks - and cycle tracks, the footpaths are part of a wider network of walks covering approx 30 miles - see Dunkeld walks leaflets available locally.

The Outlander Series - The Hermitage forest was used for scenes that will reportedly feature in episodes eleven and twelve. The forest surrounds Ossians Hall and is a short walk from the car park.

In the pool just south of Ossian's Hall you will see the fabulous stonework of the Hermitage Bridge and at the other side of the pool you can see one of the tallest trees in Britain, a Douglas Fir.

The Hermitage is home to Ossian's Hall, a spectacular building, built to impress, originally lined with mirrors, with a large door to hide the view.  When the door was opened the sight of the falls tumbling over the rocks was spectacular and the noise a great surprise, the mirrors made the waterfall even more spectacular.  The Hall has been re- decorated from its pale blues to a wonderful rich red colour and the door to the view is now glass, the mirrors are stainless steel, but nonetheless spectacular.

Ossian Hall is a famous spot to view the salmon leaping up the falls, the salmon can be seen throughout the summer, but are at their most plentiful in the autumn. Just a little further up the track you will find Ossian's Cave built by the Duke to further the guests experience at the Hermitage just outside Dunkeld.

The National Trust Rangers have a wide range of events throughout the year for all the family.

The Hermitage is open all year, signposted just off the A9 at Dunkeld with a large car park. There is no entry fee, but £2 per car is charged for parking to help maintain the grounds.  There is a wheelchair friendly route walk, but there are a few steps up to the Hall.