Clan Trail

Clan Trail and marker on Loch Rannoch

Clan Trail

The Clan Trail takes you in an anti-clockwise direction around Loch Rannoch. There are eight markers, that you have to watch out for. At each marker there is an information board describing what happened here in the past.

The clans of Loch Rannoch

Clan Trail plaque on the shores of Loch Rannoch Spring sun shines across Loch Rannoch on a Clan Trail plaqueThe clans of Loch Rannoch, were known for their lawlessness, living in a very tough environment. It is hard to imagine, Rannoch glen was so turbulent when it is so tranquil today.

The Clans of Rannoch:- MacDonalds, The Menzies, the MacGregors, the MacDougalls, the Camerons, the Robertsons and the Stewarts, who all once lived here.

Upto the late 1800s the people lived in stone built huts with earth floors and walls about five feet high, the roof covered in heather and turf. There was next to no furniture. The bed’s mattress on the earth floor was made of heather bracken.