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Duleep Singh Sikh History Trail

Duleep Singhs Castle MenziesThe Sikh History Trail in Highland Perthshire is inspired by Maharaja Duleep Singh's stay here over 150 years ago. Maharaja Rangit Singh’s son Dalip Singh has one of his children buried in Kenmore Churchyard.

Interestingly there appear to be two spelling of Maharaja Rangit Singh’s son. The more common form is Duleep Singh, but other spell his name as Dalip Singh. Here we will use the conventional spelling of Duleep Singh.

The Maharaja Duleep Singh trail here in Perthshire was set up by the Anglo Sikh Heritage Association and the late Harbinder Singh Rana to highlight the close connections between the Sikhs and the Scots.

The Highland Perthshire Sikh Heritage trail remembers in particular Maharaja Duleep Singh.

  1. Kenmore Church where the infant son of Maharaja Duleep Singh is buried.
  2. Castle Menzies where the Maharaja stayed.
  3. Blair Castle where the Maharaja was a guest of the Duke and Duchess of Atholl on a number of occasions.

Harbinder Singh Rana said in September 2008, “It is our aspiration that the Scottish Sikh Heritage Trail will help inform, empower and inspire individuals and the community at large to a greater appreciation of the history that unites these two great nations.”

On 7th September 2012 a small ceremony at Kenmore Church yard:-

Scottish Sikh History.

Kenmore Silk Pipe Band on Loch TayThe Unions of the Scottish and English Parliaments in 1707 allowed Scots to play a significant part in the British Empire. Disproportionately more Scots went to India than any of the other nations that make up the UK. The East India Company and the British administration employed lots of Scottish administrators - Lord Dalhousie, Lord Harding and many other notable people.

The Sikhs were seen by the British as a martial race as indeed the Highland Scots were. One British Officer in 1848 paying the Sikhs the greatest compliment by saying, “that they charged into battle ‘like Britons’”.

For this reason the British East India Company followed by the British Government after 1857 raised a number of Sikh Regiments. The fighting Sikh’s reputation was equal to that we hold of the Gurkha soldiers today. British Officers competed to gain a coveted post in a Sikh Regiment.

His Highness Maharaja Sir Duleep Singh, G.C.S.I., was the last Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. He lived for a time in Highland Perthshire, he was a highly-respected member of society, gaining the nicknamed of the "Black Prince of Perthshire".

The abbreviated version of the Sri Dasmesh Malasian Pipe Band Tour of the Sikh Heritage Trail:- 

The full video (48 minute) of the Sri Dasmesh Malaysian Pipe Band on the Maharaja Duleep Singh Sikh History Trail on 6th August 2019:-