Pitlochry airport

Pitlochry airport - Glasgow Paisley

Pitlochry Airport best for you.

The three closest Scottish airports for your Pitlochry airport:-

    • Edinburgh Airport  is 70 miles to the south taking about 1 hour 25 mins by car (travelling on the M90 and A9 roads). Note:- Edinburgh airport and the Forth Road Bridge can suffer from high traffic at peak times of the day, meaning the journey time to and from the airport can take longer then stated here.
    •  Inverness Airport is 90 miles to the north of Pitlochry taking about 1 hour 50 mins by car down (travelling on the A9 to Pitlochry). Generally there is no peak traffic issues with Inverness airport, south to Pitlochry.

    • Glasgow Airport is 90 miles to the south west of Pitlochry, taking 1 hour 50 mins by car. Both Glasgow airports are to the south side of the city, journey times can be hampered badly by peak traffic flows.

  • A word of warning - There are two airport that refer to themselves as a 'Glasgow Airport'; the link above is the airport that is the closest Glasgow City, the second airport calls itself Glasgow Prestwick Airport. is 115 miles south west of Pitlochry about 2 hours 15 mins by car. Glasgow Prestwick Airport is another 32 miles by road, south of Glasgow from Pitlochry.Pitlochry airport - Inverness
  • Dundee Airport - is 45 minutes south east from Pitlochry, it is a small airport where you can get flights to London City Airport and Jersey Airport.

Which Pitlochry Airport is best for you?

We would recommend that you consider using all three airports for your journey - Inverness is a smaller airport which is ideal if you are travelling from within the UK, say travelling from London,Birmingham or Manchester, you can often get deals and times that the larger airports to the south can not match. Car hire is readily available at all three airports, Inverness is served by all the large car hire companies.