Pitlochry Roads

Pitlochry Roads

A9 road with Ben y Vrackie as a back dropOne of the main Pitllochry Roads is the A9, connecting Glasgow and Edinburgh, to Inverness in the north. The A9 runs past Pitlochry ensuring the town popularity as a tourist destination.

The A827 road runs east to west, connecting Pitlochry via the A9 to the A85 and the west cost of Scotland. The road passes through Aberfeldy and Kenmore and on to the islands and west coast of Scotland.

Local Pitlochry roads use suggestions.

Some of the Pitlochry roads are narrow, which does cause anxiety for drivers who have not driven here before. Set within beautiful highland landscape, remember locals are keen to get to their destinations as speedily as possible. .

We suggest you allow the faster traffic to:-

  • Over take you safely on a straight piece of road. Indicate left and reducing your speed, so vehicles behind knows you are letting him overtake safely. Stop your vehicle if necessary.Remember lorries can not always see you
  • If the opportunity arises pull in to a lay-by and allow the faster traffic past. This only takes a few seconds and can save a lot of frustration for other road users.
  • PLEASE HELP let faster traffic pass you safely, at safe points on the road.