Melt Gallery Pitlochry

Melt Gallery Pitlochry

Melt Gallery Pitlochry

Melt Gallery Pitlochry opened in December 2014 by Annie Stenhouse who is an artist in her own right.

Melt Gallery Pitlochry Annie Stenhouse

Annie is often in her Melt Gallery studio making her jewelry (unfortunately you are unable to see here, due to health and issues).  In addition to Annie’s own work, the gallery sells local art, most importantly with a large selection of unusual jewelry, chosen by Annie. Annie has an excellent eye for choosing what people like to own.

There can be as many as fifteen different artists exhibiting in the gallery at any one time. Annie enjoys selling and wearing pieces made by other artists.

Melt Gallery Bonnethill Road PitlochryThe Melt Gallery has a comfortable chair to sit, while those who want to browse the jewelry do so.

Paintings in the Melt Gallery Pitlochry

Annie says “Some people are intimidated by galleries and we’ve made a point of being as welcoming as possible and stocking work that everyone can afford – from very pretty earrings at only £9 (nine pounds) and one-off art cards at just £8 (eight pounds).”

The Melt Gallery is Open 6 days 10 am to 5 pm (Closed Wednesdays and closed Xmas Day, Boxing Day and the 27th December). It will be OPEN Hogmanay & New Year’s Day so do go in and join them!